VoyeurJapanTV vjt_24760-6-def-1 PRETTY SLIPS OF THE NIPS

VoyeurJapanTV vjt_24760-6-def-1 PRETTY SLIPS OF THE NIPS

More sexy ladies dropping their tops unawares for the Voyeur Japan cameras–it’s an epidemic of indecent exposure! A sweet babe in leopard print chats on her mobile phone and makes the fatal error of leaning forward a bit, then it’s boobies time for all us lucky viewers. The next on the loose top parade is a chestnut-haired lass on a humid sunny afternoon. She wriggles out of her sweater and gives us all an unannounced topless show. A third in soft stretchy knit top thinks she’s pulling things up but in reality is pulling the top hem loose for us to get a spicy hot aerial view of her pert young cleavage.
A soft pretty girl in a dress with elastic top steps on the hem when she stands and sends her dress tumbling to her waist. A chic young trendy holds a phone in one hand a purse in the other–WHOOPS! What to do when the top of your dress slides down and you don’t have a hand free to fix it? Add these delectable moments to the hazards of cellphone use in public places.

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