PissJapanTV pjt25296_1-def-1 IT’S RAINING PEE-PEE

PissJapanTV pjt25296_1-def-1 IT’S RAINING PEE-PEE

A pretty lady in lacy black skirt squats over the camera and lets loose with a hot hard stream. Pulling her white panties to the side, she sprays a clear shower of piss that splatters above the camera and leaves the screen littered with pee droplets.
Another young lovely steps hurriedly over and parts her lower lips to hose the camera down with a torrent of piss. Looking up we see the urine coating the fleshy labia and pouring down, bouncing back up in splatters from a sheet of glass above the camera. A pan around the pavement afterward shows a wide puddle and wet spot, and a soaked pair of feminine panties.
A nervous girl in pristine white dress searches for a place to relieve herself. When she finds a secluded spot she squats and aims a stream right into the camera lens. It’s like feeling a hot juicy splash right to your face.

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