PissJapanTV pjt25296_5-def-1 UNDERPASS PISS

 PissJapanTV pjt25296_5-def-1 UNDERPASS PISS

A sexy miss steps off the walkway to a secluded area near the freeway underpass. Seeing our camera, she hikes up to show the round tailored black bush of pubes above her smooth pussy, then shoots out a warm wet stream onto us, extinguishing her cigarette in a spray of urine. Wiping her wet poon with a hand, she dries off rubbing it against her skirt before she speeds off. Leaving a wet cigarette butt on the soaked bench, she is back on the sidewalk and back into the stream of pedestrians.
A young lady in powder pink thong panties shows a flash of black lacy skirt before she drizzles down splash after splash onto us. Then a nervous girl rushes down a hallway to the outside stairs, then lets loose with a double stream that gathers up strength before it puddles up just above the camera lens. She pulls a kleenex from her purse to blot her wet snatch and steps away in relief.

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