PissJapanTV pjt25324_2-def-1 RACE TO THE BASIN

 PissJapanTV pjt25324_2-def-1 RACE TO THE BASIN

Two chic young maidens race to an available toilet and both get there the same time. They simultaneously squat over the oblong floor trough and aim a powerful stream into the camera lens. Politely wiping their pretty pissy pussies, they rearrange their skirts and go on their merry ways.
Two bohemian misses enjoy a day of high street shopping, then begin scurrying to find a place to relieve their packed and aching bladders. When the first eases into the restroom the second bangs on the door and enters urgently. They squat at either corner of the trough and aim their powerful piss streams into the tidy bowl. Blotting their wet poons, they pull up their panties and straighten out their skirts to go back to shopping. We see another angle as those girls wrestle for position before finding a way to both have their piss time before things get messy.

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